GABS Consultancy

  • GABS business consultancy department is very focused, attentive and nimble in delivering world class best practises to ensure progressive results. GABS also cooperatively works with a number of other mid-sized consultancies on various projects, and this expands the capabilities across a wider spectrum of disciplines from finance/treasury, corporate practice, training and standards, operations and people issues, maintenance and engineering.

    GABS has the capability, knowledge and networks to provide you with highly tuned, efficient and effective advisory services utilizing extensive international aviation experience and knowledge in a variety countries and regions of the world.

    Our team has extensive international aviation and business management experience in and around aviation training and resourcing, in particular in pilot training and recruitment. Some of the projects in recent years that our team has worked on are:

    • Business development for major Singaporean company to develop a bid for a SGD2.5 million Singapore Govt contract to provide pilot training.

    • Assisted a major aerospace recruitment and contracting agency to develop some market opportunities, including for aerospace engineers.

    • Developed strategic marketing plan conducting a business review, market research and sales analysis for a livestock feed production business.

    • Extensive research and development of market strategies and initial business cases (approx project size USD280 million) for a very large Defence flight and aerospace training company.

    • Business mentoring to airport ground handling company.

    • Conducted primary and global research of simulation technologies and developments in airline flight training sector for a leading flight simulation manufacturer.

    • Provided ongoing project and business development services for a global flight training and simulation provider.

    • Market research and analysis to establish an ab-initio pilot training facility for a leading aviation training business specialising in aircraft maintenance and cabin crew training in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

    • Provided ongoing strategic business mentoring and planning to a hi-tech geospatial and aerial surveillance service provider.

    • Market research, analysis and initial formulation of business plan to establish a new simulator flight training centre in South East Asia.

    • Complete business review of a Jet Charter and Flight Academy, with some ongoing international business development services provided.

    Additionally GABS’ Director, Mr Wally Rutledge when working for another company was involved in:

    Marketing and Project Management of aviation consulting services including;

    o GNSS (GPS) instrument procedure design (CASA Delegation)

    o Airport lighting flight testing (CASA authority)

    o Airport design and development

    o Airline regulatory audits and AOC acquisitions (flight operations, engineering & maintenance, ground handling, security etc)

    o Airline resource planning

    o Flight Ops and engineering audits and approvals

    o Flight Tech Crew refresher, transition & type training

    o CRM, EP and DG training courses

    o Flight Ops management, crew planning and administration

    o English language training programs

    o International development bank projects eg. AusAID, ADB

    Completed projects in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Singapore, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Brunei, Bhutan, Thailand, Maldives, Zimbabwe, Kiribati, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, South Africa.