About Us

Senior Consultant and instructor Gary Burns with client team members in

Innovation and expertise in commercial, intercultural, resourcing & training

Globally Aware Business Solutions (GABS) is a business management, resourcing and development consultancy that specialises in providing innovation and expertise in commercial, intercultural, recruitment and training fields.

GABS was established in mid 2009, and has grown steadily since then. It has provided leading expertise and services to a variety of businesses in aviation, airlines, and sometimes into other industries such as defence, education, employment, health and agriculture primarily throughout the Asia Pacific region.

GABS has since recruited over 150 experienced airline pilots for a variety of positions. Our service is personalised and experienced. Great care is taken to ensure the pilot is best matched to the airline, thereby better ensuring the pilot's and airline's expectations are met.  

In 2013 GABS established a long term client relationship with Cavan Enterprises Ltd in Hong Kong to facilitate pilot contracting and dispatch services, which now has over 60 Capts on long term contracts at a number of major airlines in China. This includes providing ongoing support through recruitment, screening, onboarding and throughout the contract duration, including with local support personnel on the ground, as well as our management visiting regularly.